A Complete Guide To Using A Pearly Penile Papules (PPP) Removal Kit

Pearly Penile Papules (PPP) are yellowish, pinkish, or whitish bumps that appear around the head of your penis and could cause significant mental discomfort and stress. Although the doctor may clarify that they have no harm, aren’t cancerous, and aren’t transmitted sexually, it might be tough to explain to your partner. This misunderstanding may breed trust issues and affect your sex life.

But PPP is a normal variant; it’s not a sexually transmitted disease. Others also confuse them for acne or genital warts, but all these are just myths that should be debunked. Your doctor can distinguish them from other conditions based on the dome-shaped bumps that form rows around the head of your penis.

Knowing this distinction between PPP and STIs should ease your and your partner’s minds. However, if you want treatment to eliminate these bumps, you should consider using the PPP removal kit. Remember to get a clinical diagnosis from your doctor that the lesions are PPP and not common mimickers. A wrong diagnosis may lead you to improper treatment.

If you’ve settled for the PPP removal kit, the following is a complete guide on how you should use it:

How PPP Is Diagnosed And Treated

If you have bumps on your penis, you should have it checked by your healthcare provider, who can tell you what it is. The doctor can decide what the nodes are by just looking at them, or they could confirm them using a handheld microscope over the skin. It’s vital that you get confirmation from your healthcare provider and not through internet research. This way, you can get the proper treatment to avoid causing more damage.

Mostly, PPPs don’t have to be treated since they don’t cause pain or sexual health issues. You won’t need lotions or pain medicines. All you need is the reassurance of your doctor. But if you’re embarrassed by the bumps and want them removed, the options available are excision, cryotherapy, laser therapy, or a PPP kit. Avoid home treatments such as toothpaste, lemon juice, and castor oil, as they’re not scientifically proven to remove PPPs. The least you can do is use a PPP kit at home that you bought from a reliable seller.

What’s A PPP Kit?

A PPP kit is a do-it-yourself treatment for PPP lesions. The kit has an electrical ionizer that vaporizes the bumps, much like a laser treatment done by a dermatologist. With this kit, you can remove the spots alone at home without experiencing pain. You can get your gear from any PPP kit site online and have it delivered to your residence.

What You Should Do Before Using The PPP Kit

Although using the PPP kit is simple, it’s not a routine procedure. Therefore, before using the kit, ensure you thoroughly clean up your room, clothes, and body. Infections quickly breed in wounds. Since you could have abrasions on your skin, it’s good to be cautious.

To avoid constant movement and ionizing the wrong areas as you remove the PPPs, ensure you place everything within your reach. It’s best to do the session in a private area, like your bedroom. Also, inform your family members what you’re doing to avoid interruption, and you can have some personal time.

Turn off your phone and any other electronics that may distract you so you can concentrate solely on the process. Wash your hands before you begin the process.

How Does A PPP Kit Work?

The PPP kit is made with a pen-like structure. The kit uses an ionizer that you use to remove the papules. The kit has a switch on its surface that you switch on to activate it. This switch is fast, and you shouldn’t injure yourself when using it. Before the treatment, apply an anesthetic cream to your penis to numb it so you don’t feel any pain. You can get this cream when you order the kit or ask your doctor to prescribe one. They’re very available, and you shouldn’t have trouble procuring one.

Once you have the kit, focus the tip on the bump so that the laser is concentrated solely on it and not on healthy skin tissue to avoid inflicting damage on your penis. The kit burns the PPPs with great precision and works from the outside to remove unwanted spots. Once you’re done with one lump, move to the next papule until you’ve removed all.

After your first removal, clean up and give some time for your penis to recover. Look out for any recurring papules. They hardly recur, but when they do, you can always use your PPP kit again.

Also, depending on the PPP kit you choose, ensure you read and understand the instructions for use. Ensure you maintain a clean environment after your treatment. Have a proper way to treat scrapes on your skin. Treat your bathing water with mild soap, and don’t apply anything that is not healthy for your penis. This way, you can avoid the risk of infection. Treating your PPP using the kit is an excellent choice for you. It’s all you need to get your sex life back on track and be confident again.

Benefits Of Using A PPP Kit

PPP Kit Cleaning And Maintenance

Many benefits come with choosing the PPP kit over other papule treatment methods. The following are some of the benefits of the PPP kit:

  • The burner is exact and reduces the risk of abrasion.
  • You apply an anesthetic cream, which makes the process quick and painless both during and after.
  • The method is cost-effective compared to enlisting the help of a dermatologist.
  • The treatment process has been tried and proven to be safe and effective.
  • It has a safety button that becomes active online when you initiate it.
  • The heat is low and has a fast recovery time.

Using the PPP kit is quite simple, cheap, and gives excellent results like the other methods. If you’ve been depressed by the lesions on your penis, this is a way to recover.

PPP Kit Features

With a PPP kit, you can treat your papules from the comfort of your home. It’s an excellent choice if you’re too busy to schedule an appointment or you’re shy. Many PPP kits on the market offer different qualities and features. You need to pick the one with quality features to get your money’s worth. You should choose the one with ionizers because it treats the papules by targeting the core and leaves little room for any bumps to grow back. PPP kits are a quick, convenient, and effective way for you to get rid of papules. Therefore, when looking to buy a kit, look for the following features:

  • Temperature feature: You should choose a PPP kit with an ionizer set to a low temperature. Go online and research the temperatures safe enough for penile papule removal. Once you know the range, pick a kit that covers those ranges. A good PPP kit should get rid of the papules with minor abrasion, and when you do it correctly, you’ll recover in a short period.
  • Safety setting: Your penis is quite sensitive, and you shouldn’t go poking around it with a kit that doesn’t have a safety feature. Choose an ionizer kit with a burner that’s needle-sized and cools down immediately. With this, you can target one papule after the other and avoid burning your skin.
  • Cost: You should factor in the cost of the PPP ionizer kit. A good quality product shouldn’t cost too low or very high. Find a kit that accommodates your price as well as good quality.
  • Instructions: The manufacturer of the PPP kit you want to choose should outline step-by-step instructions explaining its effectiveness and safety. Look for a printed instruction sheet or videos posted on the company listing or website. Having the instructions will give you safety tips on how you can protect yourself.
  • User reviews: There’s always someone out there who has used the PPP kit you want to choose. Hence, you need to check if there are any reported complaints or safety issues with the kit. Avoid one with several user complaints.

PPP Kit Cleaning And Maintenance

Heating the papules opens up your skin for infections. Skin abrasions can become the entry point for bacteria and harmful microorganisms. Hence, you must thoroughly clean and disinfect your PPP ionizer kit after use.

Cleaning the kit isn’t a complicated process. All you need is soft tissue or cloth you can wet with alcohol and begin cleaning the tool. Before storing it, ensure that it’s all dried up. Also, you can look at the instructions provided by the manufacturer on how to clean and maintain the equipment.


PPP is a benign lesion on your skin, and treating it isn’t necessary because it can disappear as you age. However, you can’t live every day being embarrassed about your body, especially in front of your partner. The fear of such lesions being sexually transmitted diseases results in great distress and affects your quality of life. Other misconceptions about PPPs can also affect you psychologically. Fortunately, you can find various treatments on the market, including the PPP removal kit. Using the PPP kit is an excellent, quick, and painless way to treat the papules without spending much money. So, take advantage of it and restore your body confidence today.

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