Eye health: the five warning signs of glaucoma – ‘common cause of irreversible blindness’

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dr. Alastair Lockwood, ophthalmologist and eye health specialist at Feel Good Contacts, warns that “serious and irreversible” eye conditions like glaucoma have gone undetected in missed routine eye checks. What’s worse, if left untreated, glaucoma can lead to vision loss.

“It’s where the optic nerve (the electrical cable that carries information from your eye to your brain) degenerates faster than it should.”

This usually happens because of the high pressure caused by the fluid in your eye.

He continued: “Our brains are able to compensate for natural degeneration, so we have little awareness of disease progression.

“However, this means that there are often no symptoms until the disease is advanced and we are not yet able to rejuvenate a human optic nerve.”


He notes that this is due to the rise in pressure.

In addition, many people may not realize they are suffering from this condition unless they are tested.

dr. Lockwood said: “That’s why regular eye check-ups are so important.

“The general recommendation is to see your optician at least every two years for a full health checkup with a prescription review, and at least annually if there are additional risk factors, such as a family history.”

Am I at a higher risk of developing glaucoma?

The eye health specialist shared people who are more at risk for developing the disease, including those who:

Have a family history of glaucoma Are over 40 years old Are nearsighted or farsighted Have hypertension (high blood pressure) Have diabetes.

He added: “Unfortunately, there is little one can do to reduce the risk of developing glaucoma.

“So I urge patients not to neglect their eye health.

“The key to preventing glaucoma progression is to have regular eye check-ups, most notably including eye pressure measurement, optic nerve exam, and a field test (the ability to see things out of the corner of your eye).”

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