Getting A Butt Lift Procedure? What You Should Expect

The butt-lifting procedure is gaining popularity by the day. With most people viewing fit, round, firm buttocks as attractive, more women are now showing interest in getting this procedure. But considering how shaping and lifting the buttocks can elevate one’s appeal and boost confidence, such enhancements are becoming more welcomed in society today, regardless of how expensive the procedure may be.

Suppose you’re planning on having this procedure done on you. In this article, we’ll outline some pointers and insights about getting a butt lift procedure to help you get a good start in your enhancement journey.

What Is A Butt Lift Procedure

A butt lift is a cosmetic procedure that aims to improve one’s buttocks appearance. In some cases, a butt lift is done as a part of a tummy tuck or as a way to lift the lower body to shape the abdomen, buttocks, thighs, and groin. Excess skin and fats are grafted during this procedure before repositioning them to develop a shapelier look. You can check this out to learn more about Brazilian butt lifts.

Before the surgery, you’re likely to have multiple sessions wherein your surgeon will ask you what you understand about the procedure. There’s no need to worry if you don’t have adequate information yet since they’ll guide you throughout the procedure.

But since a butt lift procedure is considered major surgery, it’s crucial that you immerse yourself with much information to know what you’re getting into and what you should expect. For instance, you must understand if there are any risks associated with it. It can also help to know the benefits of such a procedure to help you make the best decision for your body and yourself.

What Are The Effects Of A Butt Lift Procedure

When age comes knocking at the door, the skin begins to become loose. Besides age, factors like sun damage, genetics, and weight changes can also cause the skin to sag. And in most cases, these factors could also affect the appearance of one’s buttocks.

In such an event, one might consider undergoing surgery and opting for a butt lift. This type of enhancement is often done alongside other body-shaping procedures for a more favorable outcome. For instance, if the procedure is done alongside augmentation, a surgeon will insert fats from other body parts or implants in your butt to make it bigger and stuck out. And besides having bigger and firmer buttocks, the areas where extra fats are removed will also be smoother and trimmed. Essentially, after a successful procedure, one’s buttock area is likely to appear tighter.

Who’s A Better Candidate For A Butt Lift Procedure

The butt lift procedure is generally a personal decision. So, anyone looking to enhance their body can undergo this procedure.

Perhaps you’re unhappy with the asymmetrical shape of your buttocks, or you wish to improve their appearance or roundness. Whatever the case may be, a butt lift procedure can be worth considering to help you achieve your desired butt shape and give your self-esteem a significant boost.

Nevertheless, there are factors that can make one a perfect candidate for a butt lift. Such factors include:

  • You have good physical health
  • You have excess fat you wish to be removed and transferred
  • You have lost weight and maintained it for at least six months
  • You want to improve the appearance and shape of your buttocks without using artificial implants
  • You have realistic expectations about the outcome of the procedure

On the other hand, your doctor might advise against getting a butt lift procedure if:

  • You have other medical conditions, or you’re taking medications that may interfere with the healing time of the procedure or increase the potential risks
  • You don’t have enough fats in your body to be used or transferred for the procedure
  • You have a body mass index over thirty-two, as you can be at risk for surgical and anesthetic complications
  • You have existing mental health concerns such as depression or anxiety

How Long Does The Procedure Take

The butt lift procedure typically lasts for two to three hours. Nevertheless, the surgery can take up to six hours if done in conjunction with other procedures.

What Advantages To Expect From A Butt Lift Surgery

Advantages To Expect From A Butt Lift Surgery

When performed by an experienced plastic surgery surgeon, one can reap the following benefits:

  • Improved self-esteem
  • Younger looking butt
  • Better fitting clothes
  • Improved body proportions

What Are The Risks Associated With Butt Lift Procedure

As with any other cosmetic surgery, while the butt lift procedure offers promising results, it also has some risks. They include:

  • Seroma or fluid buildup: Some patients report cases of fluid buildup under the skin after the surgery. Fortunately, tubes left in place after the treatment can reduce one’s chances of developing seroma. Also, a doctor can use a needle and syringe to suck up built-up fluid.
  • Scarring: Though incisions are made in highly concealed areas, they cause permanent scars.
  • Poor healing: The healing period differs in different people. Sometimes, the healing process takes longer, or the incision line starts to separate. In such an incident, one must seek medical help as soon as possible. Also, surgeons could prescribe some antibiotics for patients experiencing poor healing and minimize possible infections or complications.
  • The difference in skin sensation: The procedure could interfere with your superficial sensory nerves. And as a result, you could experience changes in skin sensation, such as increased numbness. Nevertheless, you can expect the numbness to decrease as you heal and recover from the procedure.

How To Prepare For The Procedure

Once you’ve decided to proceed to get a butt lift procedure, there are some things you need to do to ensure your health and have a smooth operation and healthy healing time. These include:

  • Review your medical history with your surgeonDuring the first few sessions or visits with your surgeon, they will ask you questions about your overall health and medical history. This is crucial, especially since a butt lift procedure is a major operation. Therefore, your physical health needs to be in top shape.

    The review of your medical history could include the current medications you’re taking, past or existing health problems or medical conditions, whether or not you had surgeries in the past, and your weight gain and loss patterns and diet.

  • Get medical clearanceAs mentioned, a butt lift procedure is a major operation. As such, part of your preparation before the procedure includes ensuring your body can handle it. Your surgeon will require you to secure a medical clearance and get necessary tests done, such as blood tests, comprehensive metabolic panel (CMP), and other pre-op tests and lab work.
  • Discuss your expectations with your surgeonSince you’re getting your body enhanced, it’s essential that you communicate with your surgeon your preferences and expectations. This allows you both to be on the same page,
  • Quit smokingSince smoking can reduce blood flow and interfere with healing, your surgeon will advise you to quit before and after surgery to allow fast healing and minimize complications.
  • Maintain stable weightYou must maintain your weight for at least six months before a butt lift. You should also maintain weight after surgery since weight loss can affect the results.
  • Prepare for help when healingAfter the surgery, you’ll need someone to drive you home and help you during recovery. As such, consider talking to your family or a friend to accompany you during your recovery period.

What To Expect Before The Procedure

The butt-lifting surgery is done in a healthcare facility by a licensed plastic surgeon. And much like any major operation, you’ll be asked to sign and fill up patient and consent forms before the operation.

A physical checkup could also be done to check your vital signs and ensure you complied with the pre-op guidelines your surgeon informed you of. In some cases, your surgeon could also talk you through the procedure again, recapping the things you’ve discussed during your previous consultations. They could also take this time to explain to you the post-op care and the various do’s and don’ts while recovering.

What To Expect During The Procedure

The butt lift procedure is generally done under general anesthesia, so you won’t be conscious during the operation. But essentially, there would be monitors within the operating room, allowing your surgeon and their team to monitor your heart rate, blood pressure, and oxygen level carefully.

The procedure will typically start with your surgeon making small incisions to extract the extra fats to be transferred to your buttock area. Once done, they’ll process the extracted fat, getting rid of debris and dead cells. From there, your surgeon will start making small incisions in your buttocks and use a tool to loosen up the tissues. Your surgeon will then inject the extracted fats into the desired areas in your buttocks.

What To Expect After The Procedure

Once the general anesthesia wears off, you’re likely to feel tired or disoriented. It’s also expected to feel some pain and tenderness around the buttocks area and in your incision sites, but your doctor would prescribe pain relievers and other medications like antibiotics to aid your healing. You may also be asked to wear supportive garments to provide adequate support when healing.

In addition, you will be required to visit your surgeon for scheduled visits to check on your recovery and remove stitches left on incision sites. And much like any major surgery, it’s always best to avoid unnecessary movements to reopen wounds. It’s also advisable to take it easy and minimize strenuous activities, especially for the first few weeks.

Final Words

Getting a butt lift procedure can be ideal for individuals who’d like to enhance the way their body looks. Such a procedure can help you achieve your desired buttocks and body shape, improving one’s self-esteem.

And while the benefits seem promising, just like other medical operations, it’s vital to research and understand this procedure thoroughly. And suppose you’re considering having the surgery. It’s always best to consult a reputable plastic surgeon to get answers to your questions and guide you in this journey.

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