Global Trucker Convoys Protest Mandates

Did you know a huge truck convoy is protesting COVID jab mandates in Ottawa, Canada? You’ll be forgiven if you missed it, as this gigantic move received little coverage in the conventional press for the first week or so. Ditto for similar protests by truck drivers in other countries, such as Australia and Germany.

The Canadian Freedom Convoy

The Canadian “Freedom Convoy” began moving into Ottawa on January 29, 2022, gathering in front of the parliament building. According to The New York Times: 1

“The convoy was organized in response to an ordinance introduced this month requiring truck drivers returning from the United States to show proof of vaccinations. Secretary Justin Trudeau…

Private cars and pickup trucks were much larger in the early days than the heavy trucks that made up the convoy. All Saturday, vehicles clogged the streets in and around Parliament, most bearing flags or placards denouncing public health measures related to the pandemic.

Thousands of protesters on foot, many with handcrafted signs on hockey sticks, wandered through the parked vehicles and slow-moving traffic or gathered on the lawn in front of Parliament… Few people seemed to follow Ontario’s rules requiring social distancing and masks on busy, open air gatherings…

Several Canadian news outlets reported that Mr. Trudeau and his family had been moved from their official residence by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police as a precaution.”

Trudeau shows his true colors

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau initially tried to downplay the protest, calling it a “small marginal minority” of people “who hold unacceptable views” and do not represent the views of Canadians. It baffles me how quickly our countries have fallen into authoritarianism where the idea of ​​freedom is now ‘unacceptable’.

However, we cannot be surprised. It’s no secret that the World Economic Forum, which is leading the technocratic takeover of the entire world, has penetrated Trudeau’s cabinet and many other countries. WEF head and founder Klaus Schwab admitted it in 2017.2

However, when this “fringe minority” descended on Ottawa, Trudeau fled. Not only was he escorted from his official residence, as reported by The New York Times, he is said to have tested positive for COVID and spent a week in isolation.3

Countless videos illustrate just how old-fashioned Trudeau’s comments are, and that’s to say the least. Along highways and overpasses, in the city and beyond, Canadians have gathered in astonishing numbers to cheer on and thank the truck drivers everywhere for taking this peaceful fight for freedom.

While the actual number of trucks involved is still unknown, it seems reasonable to assume that they are thousands. According to Local 12 News4, the convoy could be a “world record setter” in terms of its size – an estimated 70 kilometers or some 43.5 miles.

The truck drivers have vowed to sit down until the Canadian government agrees to roll back all federal mandates, including the vaccine mandate and vaccine passport.5

Secret guard is here

In the video above, Jimmy Dore plays an interview with Benjamin Dichter, one of the organizers of the Freedom Convoy, who describes how Canada has already rolled out previously unknown technology that scans and reads a truck driver’s passport and vaccine status on approach, without letting them know. actually have to show papers or display the QR code of their vaccine on their phone.

Their mobile phones automatically appear on the border agent’s screen as they approach the station, and the mobile phone is automatically linked to the driver’s passport and vaccination card, which are also automatically displayed.

So much for the right to medical privacy! The covert surveillance and detection we warned about is here, or at least near the Canadian border. The question is, where else could it be deployed without our knowledge?

Google Runs is part of the Surveillance State

For years I’ve warned people about the creeping surveillance state, of which Google is an important part. If you still haven’t ditched Google products from your life (including Android), now is a great time to start. In early 2020, I interviewed Robert Epstein, Ph.D., who has spent the past decade helping expose Google’s manipulative and deceptive practices. As noted by Epstein, Google’s powers pose three very specific threats to society:

1. They are a surveillance agency with significant but hidden surveillance powers – the Google search engine, Google Wallet, Google Docs, Google Drive, Gmail, Google Chrome browser, YouTube, Android phones, Google home devices like Nest, and Google wearables like Fitbit are all surveillance platforms working together.

Android mobile phones, for example, which are an operating system from Google, can track you even if you are not connected to the internet, whether you have geo-tracking turned on or not, and even if your phone is turned off.

Once you reconnect to the internet, all that information stored on your phone will be sent to Google. So even though you may think you’ve spent the day incognito, the moment you reconnect, every step you’ve taken will be shared (provided you had your phone with you).

Google also tracks your movements online even if you are not using their products as most websites use Google Analytics which tracks everything you do on a website. And you don’t know whether a website uses Google Analytics or not. The only way to protect yourself from this is to use a VPN.

2. They are a censorship agency — Google has the unique ability to restrict or block access to websites on the Internet, thus deciding what people can and cannot see. They even have the ability to block access to entire countries and the internet as a whole.

The biggest problem with this kind of internet censorship is that you don’t know what you don’t know. If a certain type of information is removed from your search and you don’t know it should exist somewhere, you never look for it. And when you search for information online, how do you know that certain websites or pages have been removed from the search results at all? The answer is: not you.

For example, Google has been investing in DNA repositories for quite some time and adding DNA information to our profiles. According to Epstein, Google has taken over the national DNA repository, but articles about it — which he has cited in his own writings — have all disappeared.

3. They have the power to manipulate public opinion through search rankings and other means. In addition, they have the ability to shape the opinions, beliefs, thoughts, attitudes, purchases, behaviors and voices of billions of people, all without anyone realizing they are being manipulated. They don’t even leave a paper trail for authorities to trace. As noted by Epstein:

“They use new manipulation techniques that have never existed in human history, and they are subliminal for the most part… techniques I’ve discovered are among the greatest behavioral effects ever discovered in the behavioral sciences.”

In his article 6 “Seven Simple Steps Toward Online Privacy,” Epstein outlines his recommendations for protecting your privacy while browsing the web, most of which cost nothing.

Vaxxed or Unvaxxed – People want freedom

Don’t get me wrong, I like Jimmy Dore because we both grew up in a poor neighborhood in Chicago, and I like his humor. But for the record, as Dore tells his audience that the COVID jab will protect you from serious illness and death, I disagree. Mounting evidence suggests it could destroy your natural immune function, especially after the third dose.

Be that as it may, Dore rightly argues that being against mandates and vaccine passports is not a reason limited to the unvaccinated. He, Poet and countless others who have received the shot did so because they wanted to protect themselves, but they are not willing to give up their freedoms and live in a totalitarian state.

A political tsunami

The good news is that, for whatever reason, the Canadian Freedom Convoy has captured the attention and hearts of the world’s population — even if the mainstream media ignores and/or minimizes it for days. As Ron Paul noted in the Liberty Report above, it’s turning into “a political tsunami.”

Truck driving is one of the most common jobs in North America, and perhaps around the world, which could explain the great appeal of this movement, and how news about it spread so quickly and organically despite media blackouts and social censorship. media. Another reason is probably because people recognize the leverage of truckers as a group.

For example, nearly 70% of all freight transported annually in the US is delivered by truck.7 In Canada, that percentage is closer to 90%.8 When thousands of truck drivers stop delivering goods and instead honk outside a government building, the effects will no doubt soon become noticeable in the form of empty shelves.

Anyone tired of life in Orwell’s dystopia recognizes that this kind of influence on the political class is far more important than people marching through the streets with placards – which Europeans have been doing every weekend for months to no avail.

The Rise of Global Freedom Convoys

Inspired and encouraged by the Canadian truck drivers’ movement, truck drivers in other countries are now organizing their own Freedom Convoys.9 In Europe, a European Freedom Convoy will meet in Brussels, February 14, 2022, and will remain there “until vaccination passports and associated restrictions are abolished” across the European Union .10,11

freedom convoy

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Australia also quickly began organizing a Freedom Convoy to gather outside Parliament House in Canberra, commencing January 31, 2022.12,13 Within days, the Official Convoy to Canberra Facebook page had amassed 170,400 members.14 Facebook now has the group deleted.

The government really needs to look at what the American people want. And they don’t want mandates. ~ Jeremy Johnson, DC Freedom Convoy Coordinator

In the US, American truck drivers are planning a DC Freedom Convoy. However, Facebook was quick to take down their page — a move the organizers labeled “censorship at its finest.” As reported by Fox News:15

Titled ‘Convoy to DC 2022’, the group acted as a place for truck drivers to plan and coordinate their journey from California to Washington DC. Jeremy Johnson, who founded the Facebook group, said his personal account had also been deleted. , which prompted him to contact a civil rights attorney to discuss next steps…

[Mike] Landis, a truck driver involved in the freedom convoy, told host Carley Shimkus that this move is “a long time coming.” He said Americans are tired of government ‘overreach’ and criticized politicians for not following the Constitution, he believes.

“The presence of so many people showing that they are not happy with what is going on is a good way to hopefully get their attention,” he said. Johnson and Brase expect a large number of Americans, not just truck drivers, to support their cause.

“This crosses all genders, all races, all sexual orientations, all professions,” Brase said. “Truck drivers may stand up, but it’s not about the truck drivers. It’s about America.’ The group’s goal is to end vaccine mandates through peaceful protests. “The government really needs to look at what the American people want,” Johnson said. “And they don’t want mandates.”

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