Senior Living Trends To Look Out For In 2022

Over the years, there have been big strides in senior living facilities to ensure the transition to retirement will be more comfortable. As more individuals are steadily moving on to their retirement years, the demand for quality senior care facilities that can cater to diverse needs is growing. Luckily, there has been evident development in various technologies and modifications that improved retirement communities over the years.  

In 2022, one of the main trends in senior living mainly focuses on the delivery of supportive services complemented with an engaging lifestyle to maintain overall wellness. Today, senior care communities will eagerly take all the necessary means to assist seniors in making the most out of their retirement years. Some even go as far as providing luxurious amenities. 

Aside from top-of-the-line facilities, below are some notable senior living trends you can expect to see this 2022 and beyond.  


1. Variety Of Housing Options 

Depending on the specific needs of a senior, most retirement communities today can align their amenities and services with the wishes of the residents. You can find apartment homes or resort-style residences. Finding a retirement community capable of catering to the needs of your loved one is more convenient since you can find an array of choices.  

Among the current trends in senior living, an environment that strikingly resembles home is the norm. Over the years, retirement communities steadily changed from an institutional environment into buildings similar to an apartment complex or luxurious condominium unit. You can see it here for yourself.  

Some communities even feature a wide array of amenities, such as entertainment theaters, swimming pools, and fine dining, to name a few. There are also outdoor experiences that seniors will enjoy, such as hiking on trails, gardening, or outdoor dining.  

Hybrid homes are also becoming a preferred option for seniors who want an independent mode of living in a community. In most communities, these hybrid homes are essentially a combination of an apartment and villa that offers several perks, such as wider private space and better views. As for socialization, there are common areas to mingle with other residents and entertain family or friends who might drop by for a visit.  

2. Integration Of The Latest Technology  

A variety of smart devices such as tablets and applications can provide a whole new level of convenience to residents as more seniors are becoming tech-savvy. Retirement communities are now focusing on creating user-friendly platforms to ensure that the new technology enriches the resident experience, even for those who aren’t tech-savvy.  

Most retirement communities utilize technology to make life easier for their residents. Using technology allows residents to access an array of programs and activities in a single place. Accessible and user-friendly technology is crucial for seniors to maintain happiness and independence. 

As for safety and health, some retirement communities offer integrated wearables that allow monitoring of vital statistics or enable one-touch calls for assistance. An example is implementing artificial intelligence (AI) technology that guides seniors as they take part in their daily activities, such as voice technology integration. The new technology can also enable timely response, fall detection, and remote assistance.  

3. Thoughtful Design And Architecture  

The environment of the retirement community will play an important role in the residents’ health, mood, and overall happiness. In 2022, most retirement communities are making changes by utilizing modern architecture and design to give their spaces a fresh and homey look. Generally, the approach transforms retirement communities into inviting and functional spaces. 

Some of the design and architectural updates that retirement communities implement include spaces with more natural light, green spaces, and open layouts. Providing convenient access to an array of outdoor spaces with full views of nature, allowing ample natural light in common areas, and prioritizing the inclusion of organic design elements will be crucial in supporting seniors’ mental health and minimizing stress. For example, some retirement communities create a calming ambiance that includes indoor garden spaces along with patios and balconies as part of the overall design. 

The space’s ambiance will be an important factor in residential communities. Some popular trends in 2022 utilize design combinations comprising warm and cool colors. New designs also prioritize privacy, functionality, and personal touches that create a safe space that feels like home for every individual.    

4. Convenient Access To Healthcare Services  

The majority of retirement communities are prioritizing access to healthcare services that seniors need regularly. This is a major feature that can keep senior residents safe and healthy in the community.

Many retirement communities have convenient access to on-site healthcare clinics that provide urgent care and routine exams for daily health concerns. Additionally, many communities now offer doctor visits and access to other healthcare services and professionals such as nutritionists, dentists, podiatrists, and many more. 

If you want your loved one to have convenient access to a variety of healthcare services, staying in a retirement community with 24/7 access to top-notch healthcare services may be the best decision.  

5. Pet-Friendly Community  

Since pets are great for emotional support, more and more retirement communities are allowing seniors to bring their pets with them. Some communities make this happen by creating an environment and program that caters to the needs of the resident’s pets. This includes allotting a yard for the pet to play in and partnerships with service providers that can assist with grooming and pet exercises.

6. Refined And Alternative Dining Options  

Many retirement communities have leveled up their dining experience. Gone are the days of monotonous cafeteria-style dining with bland food choices. Today, it’s about giving seniors an experience similar to restaurant dining with the foods they love. Due to the main role of nutrition in maintaining good health among seniors, many retirement communities are enhancing their senior nutrition programs with restaurant-style dining and alternative meals that consider seniors’ specific dietary requirements. 

Some retirement communities no longer follow the three meals a day limit. These communities have in-house cafes that offer an array of healthy yet satisfying food options that seniors can enjoy anytime. Residents can enjoy on-site snacks, making it convenient to grab a bite between meals or enjoy a cup of coffee before a routine activity starts. 

7. Community Involvement And Volunteer Options 

Community Involvement And Volunteering

It’s crucial to maintain a sense of belongingness and fulfillment among seniors. The ideal approach is to promote community involvement and offer volunteer opportunities that seniors can take part in.  

Nowadays, retirement communities are taking on a proactive approach in providing seniors with the chance to be part of a wider community. This is done by creating an array of social opportunities or activities while at the same time imbuing a continuous sense of purpose in their lives.  

8. Excursions And Adventure Opportunities  

For some seniors, the retirement years are about making the most of the time to relax and live life to the fullest by catching up with endeavors or activities on their bucket list. Many retirement communities are eager to take on the challenge of giving seniors a chance to travel and explore. Most organize national and international travel opportunities throughout the year. For seniors who prefer locations close to home, certain programs focus on creating local experiences such as balloon rides, sky diving, hiking, and many more.  

9. Emphasis On Personal Growth 

Today, some retirement communities decide to implement education and programming options that allow seniors to explore or discover unrealized interests and untapped creative pursuits that they weren’t able to fulfill in their younger years. Communities may offer music lessons, art centers, or even book clubs, depending on the available program. Resident seniors are given the chance to discover something new about themselves or engage in activities they have long wanted to try. 

10. High Standard Of Cleanliness

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many senior care facilities have been on high alert. Since older people are more susceptible to severe COVID, senior living communities have to stay clean and disinfect more frequently to avoid the disease.

Retirement communities are now shifting to materials that allow easy cleaning, especially common surfaces that are constantly exposed to staff and residents that should stay clean at all times. Generally, features such as solid, non-porous surfaces and antimicrobial fabrics will make it easier for the staff to maintain cleanliness at all times.  

A recommended choice for furniture is faux wood. It’s the ideal choice due to its ability to withstand regular cleaning, even with bleach-based products. Hence, you can expect to find this material in retirement communities more often in the years to come.


Final Thoughts  

With an emphasis on delivering holistic and customized care, most retirement communities are ensuring that seniors will enjoy life to the fullest. Aside from that, access to quality medical care, emergency assistance, and proper cleanliness ensure the residents’ good health and safety at all times. 

Many new amenities are also available to upgrade the quality of life among retired seniors. This includes an upgraded dining experience, pet-friendly communities, fresh and open spaces, and more. Knowing about the current trends in senior living will ensure that you’ll find the right retirement community that can cater to the preferences of your loved one in the best way possible.

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