Who is Bryan Thomas Brunson – what was he arrested for?

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Bryan Thomas Brunson, a white neighbor, is accused of gun shooting in Forney, Texas.

White neighbor Bryan Thomas Brunson allegedly threatened the family with a gun in a series of videos Dee Nash posted on social media as they tried to talk to him about the damage his son had done to their car.

Who is Bryan Thomas Brunson - what was he arrested for?

Who is Bryan Thomas Brunson?

Bryan Thomas B. is the man seen in the video on social media with a gun at a black neighbor.

According to the Kaufman County Sheriff’s Office, he is a white neighbor in the Travis Ranch subdivision in Forney, Texas. The footage shows a 9-year-old white boy with glasses knocking on Dee Nash’s door.

The victim said he was looking for their 9-year-old daughter. But his wife chased him away when he hit the door. The boy then allegedly scratched the black neighbor’s car, which was captured on tape by another neighbor’s external surveillance camera.

Nash went to the white boy’s house to talk to his parents. But he was told to vacate his property. As Nash approached, the white neighbor grabbed his pistol and fired a shot near his daughter.

What was Bryan Thomas Brunson arrested for?

Bryan Thomas B. has been arrested for his violent behavior. Kaufman County Constables of Precinct 2 took him into custody after Nash’s family informed them of the incident.

They seized his .357 Cal firearm, which his family confirmed had been stolen. According to Hispanic News Network, he faces one to 10 years in prison. And he may have to pay a fine of up to $10,000 if convicted.

In addition, under the law, a conviction for a crime carries a mandatory minimum penalty of two years in prison.

Gun charges on Bryan Thomas Brunson as video goes viral

Bryan Thomas B. will be prosecuted for gun possession as the video of his violence has gone viral on the internet. Footage of his son whipping at a neighbor’s door and finding their 9-year-old daughter were released on social media.

Bryan Thomas Brunson is that mf

– Who me? (@YesthatsAAA) May 14, 2022

Likewise, another clip was also released of the Black family trying to talk it out with the boy’s father. It was then that Bryan fired the gun.

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