Who is Iitztimmy Girlfriend (Twitch Star)? Know his nationality Net worth and more

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Does Iitztimmy have a girlfriend? Learn all about the Korean-American Twitch streamer’s relationship with his partner in this article. Read on for details!

Who is Iitztimmy Girlfriend (Twitch Star)?  Know his nationality Net worth and more

Iitztimmy is a Twitch celebrity who has over 177 thousand followers on his official Twitch channel. He is also a YouTuber, with over 103,000 subscribers to his own channel.

He is known for his gaming skills and he enjoys Valorant, Apex Legends, Among Us and Cyberpunk 2077.

He started his formal gaming and streaming career in 2013 when he started playing League of Legends. He resumed playing Counter-Strike after a short hiatus from the game.

Who is Iitztimmy Girlfriend (Twitch Star)?

Iitztimmy is not yet married and has no wife. Iitztimmy is quite private about his personal life and has not revealed anything about his dating life.

He often avoids questions about his relationship. However, the twitch streamer has recently started uploading images with his girlfriend on his official Instagram profile.

According to her Instagram bio, Iitztimmy’s friend Softie is also a well-known twitch partner. The adorable duo has also publicly posted their couple photos on their respective social media sites.

Apart from that, there is no information about his past dating life. It is unknown if he is single or in a relationship due to a lack of transparency about his personal life.

Where does Iitztimmy come from? His nationality and personal details examined

Iitztimmy’s real name is Timmy An, and Iitztimmy is just a nickname he uses on various social media platforms. Timmy An, born on April 19, 2000, has reached the age of 20.

He is undoubtedly of American descent as he is from Texas, USA. Despite knowing that he makes about $3.2 thousand a month, we are unsure of Timmy’s total net worth at this point.

In addition, his nationality is considered to be Korean American.

To be fair, it has been discovered that he started playing computer games and streaming them on the internet through his sister. He has a sister whose name is unknown, in addition to his sibling Aceu.

Details About Iitztimmy’s Net Worth – How Rich Is He?

Iitztimmy’s main source of income is his Twitch channel. His net worth is estimated at over $20,000. He is known for his Internet video game broadcasts.

The twitch streamer has 144,000 followers on Instagram. He grew up playing various video games and became interested in them.

Iitztimmy started uploading game-related videos to YouTube when he was 18 years old. Iitztimmy is both a professional eSports player and an internet celebrity.

His primary output on social media is, unsurprisingly, focused on gaming. He is best known for his Twitch live streaming videos, which have made him a social media sensation.

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